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When do you have to order by to get meals delivered on Sunday?

Order cut off time is Thursday at 7:00 PM

Do I have to subscribe to a weekly delivery?

Nope not here,  all orders are a one time purchase. Come back next week to place a new order.

How does the delivery work?

We deliver your meals on Sunday to your front door or closest access point.
During check out please leave us a note for specific delivery instructions.

Can I pick up my meals?

Here are the Sunday available pickup locations:


The Meal Prep Kitchen.

3641 Madison Ave

Sunday 10am- 2pm | Monday 10am- 2 pm


Wholesale Nutrition Center

3610 Midway Dr, San Diego, CA 92110

Sunday 12pm-5pm  | Weekdays 10am – 7 pm


Athletes Nutrition

Miramar7094 Miramar Rd STE 101, San Diego, CA 92121

11 am – 7pm

Oceanside 1409 N Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054

Sunday 4pm-7pm | Weekdays 11am-7pm


Fitness Quest 10

10006 Scripps Ranch Blvd, San Diego, CA 92131

Sunday 10:30am-12pm

What are the macros to each meal?

The macro nutrients for each meal vary slightly but are usually in the range of:
Small Meals: 28g Pro, 36g Cho, 5g- 16g Fat
Large: 38g Pro, 45g Cho, 7g-20g Fat

Can I see nutrition information?

You can view the nutrition info on the meal page under “Product Description”

How long do the meals last?

Fresh the meals last up to 7 days refrigerated. Frozen the meals last 2- 3 months.

Is there a minimum order?

We ask a minimum a 5 meal order for delivery. There is no minimum order for pick up.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to most areas in San Diego. There are sections more up north that we do not delivery to.

What time will I receive my delivery?

Delivery times vary, please inquire about your specific zip code to hello@mealpreptogo.com

What if I’m not available at time of delivery?

We ask that you please arrange for someone else to receive your meals or leave a cooler outside. If you’d like for us to place it in your cooler, you must leave a delivery note in the notes section of your order. If you are certain that no one will be home to accept the delivery please purchase an insulated bag at the time of checkout so we can place the meals inside of the bag (Food will keep for 2 hours after delivery).

Purchase Keep Kool Bag Here

If no one is present at the time of delivery we ask that you pick up at our designated pick up hub at the Meal Prep Kitchen – 3641 Madison Ave, San Diego 92116.

What if I need to cancel my order?

All orders must be cancelled by Thursday to avoid a fee.
Cancellations made on Friday for Sunday delivery are subject to a 30% fee of meal order.
Cancellations made on Saturday for Sunday delivery are subject to a 50% fee of meal order.

How do I change my order if I made a mistake?

Email us as soon as you can and we’ll do our best to change it: hello@mealpreptogo.com

How do I store my meals after receiving them?

Set the temperature of the refrigerator between 35 to 39 degrees. When transporting your meals always use ice packs.

Are there Gluten Free meals on your menu?

Most meals on our menu are Gluten Free. To check the meal for Gluten open the description section of the meal listed.

How often do you change your menu?

Our menu is on a six week rotating scale that changes weekly.

Can I add dislikes to my order?

For customized meals contact our sister company www.themealprepco.com
The Meal Prep Co offers a full customizable 28 day meal prep program.

Do you offer Certified Organic meals?

For certified organic meals contact our sister company www.themealprepco.com
The Meal Prep Co offers a fully customizable 28-day meal prep program.

Do you offer a Paleo menu?

Yes, we do offer Paleo Meals under “Paleo” on our menu.

How are you different than The Meal Prep Co?

At Meal Prep To Go there are no commitments, simply order the number of meals you need either on a one time order or recurring.

At The Meal Prep Co, we offer a full-service custom prep. There are available customizations such as:  DAIRY FREE | PESCATARIAN | PALEO | WHOLE 30 | CARB CYCLING | LEAN DIET | *GLUTEN FREE | ORGANIC | HIGH CARB


What results can I expect from these meals?

These meals are created to help you stay on that healthy lifestyle that you’ve chosen. Each meal is weighed out to hit specific nutrients that you need; not too much, not too little. These meals are made to keep you on track and in doing so, you can expect positive changes; keeping you feeling energized, full, and helping you get and keep to the weight your body should be at. When you’re giving your body exactly what it needs, then it can perform at its best.

For wholesale opportunities contact:

hello@mealpreptogo.com or call 619-415-0116 for a wholesale packet.