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Fitness testing before starting your meal prep

fitness testing before starting your meal prep program

Here are a few good reasons to do fitness testing before starting your meal prep: 

  • Optimizing your meal portions

  • Measurable data

When you think about meal prep, you think about an achievement you are trying to reach by eating the right type of food. 

When you think about fitness testing, you think about getting to know your body better to make the necessary adjustments.

What does fitness testing even mean? Well, let’s look at one of the most important ones. 

  • Hydrostatic Dunk Test – Gives you really important information about your specific body composition (FAT VS. LEAN MASS)

Here in San Diego, we refer all of our clients to visit The Fit Lab San Diego

The gold standard for fitness testing is a hydrostatic dunk test. How does this test work? 

You get dunked underwater only after you have blown out all of the collected air in your lungs. 

“Hydrostatic body fat testing will determine your body composition by separating your body into two masses: body fat and lean mass (bone, muscle, connective tissue).

Simply put, fat floats and muscle sinks! – The Fit Lab SD

Optimizing your meal portions


Your fitness testing results need to be considered in your meal prep planning to ensure you are eating enough.

Based on your results, you can use a macro calculator to determine your meal prep portions for proteins, carbs, and fat. 

Here is an example as to why:

Two people who equally weigh 175 lbs. One person is 35% body fat, and the other is 15% body fat. 

Do you think these two people would eat the same amount of calories? No. It does not take many calories to feed fat as it does to feed a muscular dense person. 

Weight does not have as great of an influence in your planning as it does body fat.

fitness testing for meal prep purposes

Here in San Diego, there are many options for eating out but there is nothing like honing in on your diet like meal prepping at home. 

Why Meal Prep?

  1. Track your macros better
  2. Stay within your  budget
  3. Make meals you like 

Measurable Data

It is so frustrating to only look at the scale for progress results. Why?

  • Gaining muscle in the process
  • Water weight 
  • Menstrual cycles 

All of these factors are not being considered in your fat mass. You could easily be gaining muscle while you are losing fat, but you cannot see that on a scale.

Same with water weight. As your carbs and sodium fluctuate, so will your water weight.

Let’s not even get started on the changes your body will feel during a menstrual cycle. 

The most solid data is a body composition test that looks like so:

fitness test results to help you plan for meal prep

You can see how the body fat is decreasing while the muscle mass is increasing and the weight has remained constant. 

See how a scale can be misleading? We know! 

How can we help?

Time & planning is important. 

If you don’t have the time to carve out for meal prepping at home, hiring a meal prep service that can be specific and goal-oriented with you is an option. 

We offer a variety of services for meal planning and meal customization through The Meal Prep Company.

Visit our website for pricing.  

But, let’s say you want to try a few meals before committing you a full plan written out by The Meal Prep Co, you can always try from our menu here.

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